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Why would companies give away free stuff? Nothing is really free right? As the webmaster of a “Freebie Site”, these are the most commonly asked questions.

So “Why do companies give away free stuff?” it basically boils down to a few reasons.

  1. Cheap Advertising
  2. Brand Awareness
  3. To Gather information


You see, if companies can get you to “try and brag” about their product to your family & friends, this is some of the best advertising money can buy. Heck, it’s really advertising that money can’t buy!

You have probably seen samples given out at the local grocery store from time to time… and I bet once or twice you’ve even bought the full size product after trying one of these samples!

A lot of internet freebies are opt-in freebies where you have to give your name and email address. A lot of times, these emails will be used to build a mailing list for future promotions.

So, can you score tons of free stuff online? Yes you absolutely can.  Just be careful and read the full terms of the offer and enjoy your Freebies :)


The Freebie Source Team